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The Papercut Annual 2013


Published in December 2013 Papercut Annual is an anthology of works by some of our favorite poets, authors, and visual artists.

2013 Papercut Annual CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE:

Lauren Belski
Aeliana Nicole
Jason Napoli Brooks
Jack Doroshow
Patrick Duggan
Steve Girard
Janet Hartman
Delilah Jones
Sierra Joy
Jacob Kaplan
Nathaniel Kressen
Mike Lala
Paul Legault
Marisol Limon
Jillian McManemin
Tyler Menzel
Alicia Papanek
Allyson Paty
Gizelle Peters
Tommy Pico
Signe Pierce
Montana Ray
Cristy C. Road
Legacy Russell
Eric Sasson
Max Schnuer
Margarita Shalina
Rami Shamir
Emily Hall Smith
Alex Speaks
Laurie Weeks
Vladimir Weinstein

Cover art and design by CORA FOXX